What is an Airbag?

An Airbag is a type of vehicle safety device and is an occupant restraint system. The airbag module is designed to inflate extremely rapidly then quickly deflate during collision or impact with surface or a rapid sudden deceleration. It consists of the airbag cushion, a flexible fabric bag, and inflation module and impact sensor. The purpose of the airbag is to provide the occupants a soft cushioning and restraint during a crash event to prevent any impact or impact-caused injuries between the flailing occupant and the interior of the vehicle. The airbag provides an energy absorbing surface between the vehicle's occupant and a steering wheel, instrumental panel, A-B-C-structural body frame pillars, headliner and windshield/windscreen.

During a crash event, the vehicle's crash sensor(s) provide crucial information to the airbag electronic controller unit (ECU), including collision type, angle and severity of impact. Using this information, the airbag electronic controller unit's crash algorithm determines if the crash event meets the criteria for deployment and triggers various firing circuits to deploy one or more airbag modules within the vehicle. Working as a supplemental restraint system to the vehicle's seat-belt systems, airbag module deployments are triggered through a pyrotechnic process that is designed to be used once. Newer side- impact airbag modules consist of compressed air cylinders that are triggered in the event of a side impact.

Is your Airbag warning light on?

Has a dealership told you that you need a new module?

We are able to sort out 95% of all airbag fault codes and airbag modules. After re-programming the module by us, there is no need to take it to the dealer for any additional programming. 95% of airbag control modules can be reset and re-programmed, except in case of water damage, fire or hardware damage. Even after a small accident, codes will be sorted in the module.

What is an airbag module?

An Airbag module is a computer found in all vehicles equipped with an airbag system and acts as a controller. All impact sensors, seat belts, airbags and even the clock spring is linked to it. As an computer, the airbag unit read and writes data vital to the proper function of its designated use. During an accident, the airbag module writes crash data and stores it in the memory chip. In addition, the airbags may deploy along with the seat belts and tensioners. We are now able to offer an affordable solution that allows you to re-use your existing module with our programming techniques. We flash the data stored in your module with OEM factory installed programs that makes your module new again. Our service will allow the module to function like new in the unlikely event of a car accident or crash.

Different type of modules include:

  • Airbag Module
  • SRS Airbag Control Module
  • Restraint Control Module (RCM)
  • Sensing Diagnostic Module (SDM)
  • Airbag Control module (ACM)


Why is my airbag light on?
Your airbag light may be on due to various reasons, most of the time because of an airbag fault. This could be related to the airbag module itself or any of the following airbag components: 
  • Airbag deployed
  • Faulty seat belt pre-tensioners
  • Faulty airbag clockspring
  • Crash sensors fault
  • Crash data stored
  • Wiring harness problem
  • Miscommunication or no communication
My airbags deployed, will I need to have my SRS airbag control module reset?
Why does the SRS airbag control module need to be reset?

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